Brooch Sale

One of the things I’ve been doing recently is make small brooches, particularly acorn and leaf-shaped ones. I accumulated a good-sized batch of them and wanted to get rid because why on earth would a guy like me need 10 brooches?


Now as I said in my introduction post, I’m very much a beginner so they’re all a bit crude and scrappy and I was just planning to give them away. But when I asked around about who would be interested in taking them off my hands I got jumped on by a couple of people asking why I wasn’t selling them.

This is just a hobby for me. I don’t have the skill, time or inclination to make anything more of it so making money off them wasn’t really a thought I’d entertained. Anyway for the sake of a bit of peace I decided to compromise and lay them out on a table at work with an honesty box so people could donate something for materials if they wanted to. But I made it clear that nobody should feel bad about taking them for free. Having people actually take them off my hands was much more important to me than getting anything in return.

When I came back at the end of the day all the brooches were gone and I was quite surprised to find quite a bit of money in the tin. It looked like almost everyone had paid something for what they took. Not a huge amount per brooch but certainly a lot more than I’d valued them at.

I still don’t think they were really worth selling but I’m glad for everyone’s generosity and I’ve put the money aside specifically to put back into buying materials in the future. I’m going to keep churning out these acorns and leaves and maybe one day I’ll make some that I think are good enough to sell, but for now I’ll stick to just taking whatever people will give for them, even if that is nothing.


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