First Post!

Hi, I’m Phil and this is my new craft blog.

Yeah it has a funny name but I’ve been scouring the deepest innards of my brain for weeks trying to think of one and all the while I was thinking of bad puns the word ‘kolibri’ was stuck in my head so I figured I’d go for it.

Kolibri is a word meaning Hummingbird in quite a few languages so I think it’s a fairly appropriate name being something of a bird fan myself. I’ll try and make a nice Hummingbird logo soon to improve the look of the blog.

Anyway so here it is, my craft blog. I mostly make candles and carve small wooden items such as brooches but I also do a lot of mosaic making at work so maybe we’ll see some of that on here too should I decide to start doing some of it at home.

I’m not an expert at any of the crafts I do, I consider myself a beginner really. Part of the reason I’ve made this blog is to chart my own progress as I try to learn my chosen crafts. Expect to see entries about things I’ve made and things other people have made that I find interesting.

This isn’t going to be a how-to blog or anything like that, I think there is quite enough of that online as it is. This isn’t to say that I won’t be sharing any tips or showing how I’ve made things. There just won’t be much in the way of in-depth tutorial pieces.

Anyway I have my first few pieces of content written so I’ll be drip feeding those for the next week or so and then updates will be as and when I have something worth sharing.


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