Belated Update

It’s been over a month since I last made a post on here, even then it was about an old project. This is largely down to being a bit busy. Also laziness.

I haven’t been entirely inactive however. I’ve been making a couple of little trinkets and trying out something new that I’ll share at some point in the near future. I’ve also been doing something at work that I’d like to share.

I don’t normally share the things I’ve done at work, I prefer to keep my work and home/internet life as separate as possible but just this once I’ve decided to let you all in on it.

I work for a charity that provides support to adults with learning difficulties who want to set up and run their own projects and social enterprise ideas. The particular project that I work on makes mosaics. Generally I’m working to support the project members to develop the project and assist with the production of our mosaics but sometimes I make something on my own as a way of encouraging the group to try out new things and just to bulk out our stock a little bit.

Typically we make functional items such as house signs, plant pots, trivets and coasters etc. But I’ve been trying my hand at something purely decorative.



It’s a sort of floral design with tesserae roughly cut from wall tiles. It’s a very simple design and I doubt we’ll find a buyer for it but I just wanted to do try something different.

I have a few ideas floating around for some mosaics to make at home as well, including one that my mum would like for the garden, look out for that in the spring/summer.


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