Flower Mosaic: Finished

Here is is, the finished mosaic. I think it came out ok considering I didn’t really put much thought into it before starting.

Finished flower mosaic

I still need to finish off the back so it can be hung but I don’t think we’ll be finding a home for it for quite a while. As I made it as a personal project at work it’s not up to me what happens to it but my guess is we’ll try to find a buyer for it at some point. That might take a while though, we’re very low on finished stock so we won’t be going to any events in the near future. I have no idea what kind of market there is for small, decorative pieces like this either.

Over the spring and summer I should be working on a couple of mosaics for around the house and garden but with these I’ll probably use regular vitreous tiles rather than the glazed wall tiles that we tend to use at work.


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