May Update

It’s been a little while since I’ve written anything on here so I thought I would just post a short update to show that I haven’t given up on this blog.

Frankly I’ve been more than a bit lazy over the last couple of months. I’ve kept promising that I would set aside a regular time-slot each week to focus on making things but it just hasn’t worked out. This isn’t to say that I’ve been completely inactive however. I’ve been making a couple of trinkets here and there (mostly there) and I had planned to start on a pretty ambitious mosaic project but I’ve been stymied by appallingly slow service from the mosaic supplier I chose.

Trinket-wise I’ve kept making little brooches and pendants. I’ll probably share those once I’ve made a decent sized batch of them. I keep meaning to carve some simple animals but I’ve just not had a clear design in my head, or a piece of wood that I think is suitable. I do have a seahorse marked out on some framing timber (Meranti or Sapele, I forget) but It’s such a chore to saw the blank out with a coping saw, the wood is very tough and my arms are so frail and pathetic. The Scheppach scroll saw in the window of the hardware shop is calling out to me and I’m finding it harder and harder to resist, despite not having the bench space for it.

There are some candles on the horizon too. I’ve been asked to make 8 containers for a céilidh that is happening at a local community centre my Grandmother visits. I’ll be working on those later in the week, they’re due to be finished before the 18th so I’ll be posting about them sometime around then.

The last thing on the agenda is photographing my finished stuff. I’m trying to design a quaint and whimsical photographic backdrop for my products but I think I’ll probably just give up and buy a pop-up photo booth if I can find one cheap enough.

That’s it I think. Hopefully I’ll have some actual content to post in the future. Until then I guess you could look at my Pinterest. I don’t really see the appeal of it but I think it’s the law for craft blogs to have a Pinterest account these days. You can find it here.


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