Catching up

As expected I’ve been completely useless when it comes to updating this blog. Thankfully I’ve not been so lax when it comes to actually making things.

I’ve made quite a few small pieces these last few months, mostly pendants and the like. Sadly I’ve passed a few onto people without photographing them. I remembered to take a couple of pictures though so I’ve at least got something to share.

First up is something inspired by a makezine article.

Crayon pendant

Embedding pencil crayons into a pendant seemed like an odd idea at first and I wasn’t sure it would work but I’m glad I tried it. I did most of the shaping and finishing of this pendant at a craft group I attend and it attracted quite a bit of attention while I was working on it. I eventually ended up selling it along with a couple of other items which I suppose was a nice surprise. I never make anything with a sale in mind but I suppose getting a few quid back for more materials is a plus.

Next up is a little pig I made out of some wood I found down by the river.


I think it might be Beech, I’m not sure. It carved pretty well though and took a wax finish quite nicely. It’s not a very detailed or lifelike pig, just a cute little thing that I made for fun.

Finally I have a spoon, made from the same wood as the pig.


I’m actually quite pleased with this spoon. It’s the best one I’ve made to date. I’m still having trouble joining the handle and the underside of the bowl together neatly but that will come in time with a bit of studying and practice I hope.. I’ve since finished it off with a bit of walnut oil.

In the pipeline I’ve got another spoon, a little tiki carving and another crayon pendant. The pendant will be very similar to the previous one so I won’t bother posting it here but I think I’ll share the spoon and the tiki when they’re done.


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