Progress Report

It’s long since been established that I am really bad at updating this blog with any kind of regularity. I still haven’t changed this temporary layout over a year later, or made a logo. I’m slightly more productive at the work bench but not as much as I should be and I’m certainly not great at keeping a record of the things I’ve made.

One of the reasons I made this blog was to force myself to show people the things I make and to provide a record of my progress in the various things I do. I don’t really think I’ve been doing that so well so here is a direct comparison of something I made at least 2 years ago and something I made last week.

Brooches before and after

On the left is one of the first bird brooches I made and on the right is the latest. My latest attempt is still very simple and not very well detailed but the progression from my earlier attempt is clear. I think the overall shape is much nicer, it’s much more three-dimensional and I’ve attempted to give the bird a proper eye rather than just drilling a hole.

I think my drawing and design skills are still lacking somewhat but as far as the execution of my projects goes I feel I’m making some progress. I might do a similar post to show how my spoon making has progressed at some point too. I’d like to do one for carvings but I don’t think I’ve really done enough proper carving in the round for me to really do a worthwhile comparison. Increasing my output in that area so I can actually see if I’m making progress or not should be a goal of mine for this year.


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