June Update

Once again my intention to keep a regularly updated blog falls flat on its face. I will at least try to keep a monthly update schedule for the rest of the year to encourage me to be a bit more productive in my free-time.

I’m close to finishing another term of soapstone carving. I will eventually get round to photographing my finished piece from last term at some point too. I’ll probably just talk about both terms at the same time so expect an update in 2 or 2 weeks once I’ve got my current piece finished up.

In terms of wood carving I’ve barely done anything new, although I did put together a little portfolio/presentation book for an exhibition put on by the craft group I attend. During that exhibition I also helped organise a funky foam printing activity, so that’s something else I could maybe write a little bit about in the future.

To make sure this post has at least some content I’ll share a few of the photos I took for my portfolio. I’m really struggling for carving ideas right now but I’ll try to start something new this week and talk about it here once I’ve made some progress. If all else fails I’ve got some interesting work related items that I could share.


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